June is on its way out! Another month completed and truthfully not a lot of writing has been done in this month. Gears are turning though. The month has been spent working on networking, scoping out the next year and researching. If you are itching for something to read, this month’s Flash Fiction did come out earlier. The flash fictions continue to evolve with each new one that is released which makes them an exciting part of the writing process.

Welcome to another edition of Unprocessed Thoughts

June’s Unprocessed Thoughts is more about general updates because there have been some shifts in how I am going forward with the writing career. This was mentioned in the previous Unprocessed Thoughts so we won’t get into that. Instead, we will focus on what is on the horizon – all exciting stuff!
The journey of an indie author is pretty exciting because it complements the entrepreneurial mindset. In other words, when opportunity knocks you jump on it. Late 2016 up to the launch of YEGman in April 2018 has been a pretty ridged existence. It worked well and glad I went through the process. Now that I am on the other end of the tunnel, there are plenty of new things that are in the loop. Of course, like with any entrepreneurial endeavor, not all of the projects and plans pan out. This is okay, it is like sales leads, it is a process of illumination. On the flip side you also have to be prepared for everything to go through and be sure you can handle the workload.
Yes, I am being pretty vague on what all these exciting things are, but they are way too early in the development phase to even know if they’ll sprout into anything. Time will tell.

Other Gears Are Turning

The untitled slasher novel is entering the revisions phase. After finishing the first draft, I took some time away to let it simmer in my mind. The time away you spend from your story is just as important as the actual writing you do. It lets you digest what you put down on the page.
The events page of the site has also been updated to keep you in the loop where I will be next up to September. It doesn’t include the Edmonton Expo, yet. I will be there though. The promo poster has been held off to include…

Mental Damnation Vol III

The third installment of my dark fantasy series been announced with a teaser poem on social media. More on this to come.

Beer Note: Whistler Brewing Lost Lake IPA

For this month, I tried Whistler Brewing Lost Lake IPA. I don’t know much about the company or the beer itself. I suppose I could have read the label. The liquor store by my home has been experimenting with new brews since they went to the town’s beer fest. Their experimentation means many more new beers to be tried! With my hoppy taste buds in mind, I’d give this a 4/5.


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