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What is the Macrocosm?

Author Konn Lavery's Universe of Horror Dark Fantasy Terrors ath

The Macrocosm spans across the fantasy-rich past, gritty present thrills and horrors, and the dreadful cosmic future.

In short, it’s a superverse I’ve been writing about since I was a kid making those terrible board games eons ago. It didn’t have an official name until 2020 while writing Into the Macrocosm. Before I had a vague idea that every story I wrote would take place in the same world. Now it’s real.

Ongoing Expansion

The home page contains an interactive timeline containing the major universe events, the novels, and the short stories within The Macrocosm. This timeline is for fans and me as a reference to get the whole picture of the universe.

It goes one step further with the Wiki, containing entries of characters, locations, items, monsters, and more that describe specific details of The Macrocosm and which books they are in.

Lola Cabello

Cameos and Easter Eggs

Lola Cabello

Not every story pushes major universe events. Some are neatly tied up, like my slasher novel Rave or my short story Otherkin. Still, these are part of The Macrocosm and have name drops of characters or locations.

Malpherities the ghoul is a reoccuring character found in the Mental Damnation series, Short Stories of the Macrocosm and the Ash Born series.

Some more examples would be the vazelead people and the Scalebane family. Kristalantice Scalebane is the protagonist in my dark fantasy series Mental Damnation. You know her daughters. Abbygail and Bark Nose pay tribute to the occult novel Cultivate: Seed Me Relapse Edition. Lola Cabello’s backstory is found within the thriller YEGman, which follows the events of Michael Bradford. Dasco Amoss and Yang Chen appear in short stories within Beyond the Macrocosm, while Tycho Flutcher has a role in the horror novel Rave.

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