Into the Macrocosm

Short Stories of the Dark Cosmic, Bizarre, and the Fantastic

‘Captivating characters and a cleverly designed, fantastical plot. A highly recommended set of shorts.’
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

‘Konn Lavery’s Into The Macrocosm is an exceptional short story collection that explores some provocative ideas through a darkly imaginative lens reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe or H.P. Lovecraft.’
Literary Titan

Genetic Freaks, Harpies, Ghosts, and Interdimensional Beings.


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Explore a strange universe where time and space blur. Being dead or alive no longer matters as the afterlife and the real world intertwine. A talking goat head, sleep paralysis, genetic freaks, killers, and celestial beings are just a handful of the weird found in this growing macrocosm.

Observe through the lives of 22 souls as the Nameless One attempts to discover the lost memories of how they died. A ghoulish companion in the mysterious Midway aids in the search, where one can witness any time, at any place, for clues. Yet, they’re not alone in this post-death realm. Even in death, danger lurks, and it is not too fond of visitors.

Award-winning author Konn Lavery’s Into the Macrocosm dives into an on-going large-scale story expansion. The short story collection magnifies on previous connecting suspicions found in his horror novel Seed Me, thriller YEGman, and the dark fantasy series Mental Damnation. These interconnected tales bring them all under one, obscure, unsettling, cosmos.


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Frequencies of the Macrocosm

Frequencies of the Macrocosm is the musical soundtrack of the short story collection Into the Macrocosm by Konn Lavery. The album roots from improv jam sessions played over recorded readings of each short. They have been cleaned up, trimmed, and modified to create one cohesive LP. The tracks are themed around each story, ranging in mood, instruments, and emotion and are intended to be listened to while reading any book you please.

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