NaNoWriMo is in the second week and I have hit the 25,000 word mark! That is half way to the 50,000 goal for the end of the month. It has kept me busy (among the graphic design and web work and trying to maintain something called a social life) meaning this blog post is more so of an update that I am still alive and working heavily at writing the manuscript for a story titled The Unfortunate Tale of #YEGman. This one is a thriller and has proven to be a challenge to write. Much like last year’s Seed Me story, I am exploring new writing directions from my comfort zone which is forcing me to think beyond my regular writing routine. Below is the working novel Synopsis:

In the darkest night streets of Edmonton, criminals and drugs are at every corner. The mayor and the chief of police are being pushed to their mental and physical limits. The people are fearful for their own lives. Edmonton is in dire need of some practical justice. Someone needs to give the felons and low lives what they deserve. Skip the courts and bring them justice in a first full of fury!
At least that is what Michael Bradford believes. That mentality is probably what got him kicked off the police force. For a year he has had to watch as his former partner and comrades of the law attempt to shut down the city’s most violent gang to date – the Crystal Moths.
Michael can’t leave the city he knows and loves to go down the sewer. It was time to take law into his own hands. As he transitions into a vigilante existence, Edmonton spawns its first serial killer since the eighties. Michael – the unknown hero to the public is dubbed as #YEGman – struggles to bring down the Crystal Moths organization and how they link to the mysterious killer. All of this while dodging being caught by the cops and keeping his violent nature at bay.

Once this month is finished, the first draft for the story will be complete and I will return to it and revise the storyline much like what I am doing for Seed Me. The Unfortunate Tale of #YEGman won’t be released this year or the next due to the other two books in the work, Mental Damnation IV and Seed Me that are projected for 2016 and 2017.
The objective to partake in this year’s NaNoWriMo is to get a working first draft that I can return to and revise when I am ready. So do not sweat, more Mental Damnation will be coming down the pipeline and Seed Me is still estimated to be released mid next year.
Cover photo Explanation: Dinosaur with a mustache – support for Movember. 25,000 words, slam dunk!


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