Red Gate by Konn Lavery

Red Gate

January 10, 2023 | Short Stories

A deal with a devil is a dangerous game. If it involves freedom, how far will one go? Ladr is exhausted and unable to recall…

Red Haven by Konn Lavery

Red Haven

December 13, 2022 | Short Stories

Starvation will tempt the mind to commit horrible acts. Ladr longs for nutrients while wandering aimlessly in a barren red landscape. His journey takes him…

Blood Will: Part IV by Konn Lavery. Mental Damnation Short Story

Valeryctus understands her role in the mortal realm clearer than ever. She is to spearhead a newfound faith birthed of free will. She must complete…

Blood Will: Part III by Konn Lavery. Mental Damnation Short Story

The Shield captain, Evelune, shares a reinforcing truth to seminarian Valeryctus, encouraging her to embrace the whisper. The entity shares truth, unravelling the curtains of…

Blood Will: Part II by Konn Lavery. Mental Damnation Short Story

After the supernatural burning circle’s arrival, the members of the church attempt to bury it with earth. Seminarian Valeryctus is haunted by a persistent whisper…

Blood Will: Part I by Konn Lavery. Mental Damnation Short Story

Seminarian Valeryctus and her fellow students are eager to learn the ways of God under High Priest Jochen’s teachings. The tension within the church is…

Aureate Rise by Konn Lavery

Aureate Rise

December 23, 2020 | Podcast, Short Stories

The Aureate Rise, led by High Priestess Imperia, has taken her sect deep into Mount Kuzuchi where her faithful attempt to unlock the holy unity…