I am pleased to announce the launch of a brand new direction for the blog. In addition to the regular posts, a podcast will be posted on a weekly basis focusing on episodic audiobook versions of the novels!

The podcast is distributing to various broadcasters and is currently available on Anchor, Spotify, Beaker, Pocket Cast, iTunes, Google Podcast, and Radio Public.

To kick off the podcast, the novel Cultivate: Seed Me Relapse Edition is the first to appear with chapter 1 (listen below). October is the season of spooky, so why not get some creepy cults and drugs going?

WARNING: DO NOT CONSUME. At least that’s what Logan, an unemployed former cokehead, says after an unfortunate visit to a local farmers’ market. Tie that in with a drunken dumpster make-out session with a spooky pale girl, and then you’ve got robed cultists stalking you.

Cultivate is an occult story trying in humorous undertones through a body horror thrill ride. The story deals with substance abuse, recovery struggles, band life, and the frights of the supernatural.

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Many people have asked about audiobook versions of my work over the years. The closest I got was creating videos for the monthly short stories. Now, I’m finally going through with it, with episode-based versions. This also means the monthly short stories will come back in audio version.


Enjoying the audio story? Get the book.

Cultivate: Seed Me Horror Novel

Cultivate: Seed Me Relapse Edition | Konn Lavery Edmonton Horror

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