Guest post - Horror It's More Than Fright and Gore

Horror: More than Frights and Gore

October 31, 2016 | General, Press, Writing
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This month offered me the opportunity to be a guest blogger and discuss the horror genre. Fits with the theme of Halloween. With this article, I focused in on the genre itself and how it tends to be written off as just frights and gore. It’s more got more depth than that. Below is an excerpt for the post. You can find the whole article on

There is a broad stereotype when it comes to horror storytelling whether that is film, literary works or other mediums – it is violent, filled with blood and tremor. Personally I love this kind of thing and find it a lot of fun, but that is not all that horror has to offer. The public perception of horror is better known as the Body Horror genre or the Shock genre, these are very small sections of what really encompasses all of horror. Unfortunately the other large section of horror genres are shadowed by these commonly known ones. Think about Frankenstein’s Monster or Dracula, these are both horror stories but are not gore infested or filled with shock. They happen to have a lot of thriller and mystery elements with a dark overlay to the plot.

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Happy Halloween!


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