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“Lavery has the odd talent of creating words and images that seep into your thoughts, slipping over one another to create the very world in your mind that is described with such chilling detail in these pages.”
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Fire, Pain, & Ruin A Rutherford Manor Novel

Fire, Pain, & Ruin

A Rutherford Manor Novel

The White Hand by Konn Lavery

The White Hand

A Rutherford Manor Novel

Seed Me by Konn Lavery

Seed Me

YEGman by Konn Lavery


Mental Damnation: Reality by Konn Lavery


Part 1 of Mental Damnation

Dream: Part Two of Mental Damnation


Part 2 of Mental Damnation


Part 3 of Mental Damnation

Mortal: Part IV of Mental Damnation by Konn Lavery


Part 4 of Mental Damnation


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Reality: Mental Damnation Part 1
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