Terrors of the Macrocosm

A drunken dumpster make-out session leads to the occult if you’re not careful . . .

Cultivate is an occult story trying in humorous undertones through a body horror thrill ride. The story deals with substance abuse, recovery struggles, band life, and the frights of the supernatural.

Praise for the first edition of Seed Me:

“Konn Lavery has obvious talent, and his Seed Me book belongs on the shelf next to King and Koontz. Great creep factor, awesome pace, refreshing bad guys, and the ability to stay with you after you’re done. Do Consume Seed Me.”
★★★★★ scifiandscary.com

“This gives Lavery his own edge in the industry and a new voice that could make people think differently about storylines.”
★★★★ Renee Spicuzza, Goodreads Reviewer

“While the theme has a lot of Pagan and Vampirism traits, this is a unique twist and its own direction. An engaging read that will draw you in and connect you to the characters.”
★★★★★ Literary Titan


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Book Details
Page Count: 253
Word Count: 55k
Audiobook Length: 5.2 Hours
Print Size: 5 x 0.57 x 8 inches
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-7771640-9-6
Print ISBN: 978-1-990542-00-8
Audiobook ISBN: 978-1-7771640-3-4
First Published: July 15, 2021, Second Edition: August 24, 2021 by Reveal Books



At least that is Logan Cook's message after an unfortunate visit to the farmers' market. He's an unemployed, former druggie who finds himself wrapped up in a cult's sinister plan, all rooting from one unfortunate meeting with a pale goth girl at the back of a bar.

His infatuation with these mysterious cloaked people blooms when he connects the dots leading back to the infamous 4-20 Drain Case, where his ex-girlfriend was murdered. Poor Logan never did recover from that incident.

Who are these people? Are they really connected to his ex-girlfriend's death? Logan's life is on a timer. He's best to find some answers.

Thy Word Mother's Will Cultivate Horror
Warning: Cultivate Horror Hellseed

World Mother

Seed Me has an album compiled of various Edmonton-based alternative electronic musicians who created tracks based on the chapters found within the book. It is a mashup of styles, such as Witch House, Dark Ambient and Down tempo, to name a few.
Album available digitally on Bandcamp and available physically on Amazon.

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