At some point in everyone’s life, we should ask ourselves what is important. Who is the captain of the ship? Is it you or the tides of life? I have just finished my two-week yearly time off from my graphic design and web development business. I always title it “wandering mind” in the calendar because I use it to catch up on writing, reflect, and see where I’d like the New Year to take me. Let’s talk about some of the exciting writing coming this year. We’ll also dive into this philosophical ship concept for you to reflect upon.

Welcome To Another Edition of Unprocessed Thoughts

Looking at your life is essential. It doesn’t matter when you do it. It might be as clichéd as mine – at the beginning of the year – or in the middle of a summer night. What matters is spending that time and being honest with yourself to decide if your current state is what you want.

For myself, the two weeks off is a requirement to better me as a creative professional. This applies to both my writing and my graphic design business. Of course, the two weeks were also used to pick up the fallen pieces after my girlfriend and I crash-landed in Vancouver in September.

As per usual, with the fall onwards, I can barely keep the wheel in hand. The crew takes over the ship, the tides of life are violent, and the captain is deemed worthless. My time is used up, it’s unbillable, I get sick, and the list goes on. Everyone has excuses.

I’ve been doing this cycle since the birth of my design business in 2014. Maybe 2023 will be different.

Exciting Writing Coming This Year

I finished my new dark urban fantasy novel with the working title of Ash Born. Currently, it is in beta readers’ hands, then off to the editor with a spring launch (fingers crossed). Keep an eye out for more news on that.

I’ve also been accepted into the 14th edition of The Horror Collection, The Lost Edition, with my short story He. That should be coming out in March.

I am also expanding upon a short story that was accepted into an anthology. However, the project folded. This new horror story will become a novella or novel. I plan to write the first draft throughout February while beta readers dig their teeth into Ash Born.

It’s been a busy two weeks of writing. I also used the time to see where 2023 will go. I asked myself some of these questions:

Who Is the Captain of the Ship? Is It you, Or the Crew?

This is important because what happened to me at the end of 2022 can happen to you. It can also happen to people on a much grander scale, taking you decades into some strange direction or career. This is why you should ask yourself what you want out of life.

It Is Okay to Say No, Or Yes

Usually, when people lose control of the ship to the crew and tides of life, it is due to not knowing when to say yes or no. Some people are shy and introverted. They have a difficult time saying yes to things. Extroverts have issues saying no and take on too many things. You can also commit to the wrong things by saying yes or no when it doesn’t align with your goals.

Take A Hard Look at Yourself and Ask Yourself, Where’s The Ship Going?

You might not know the end destination, but some clichés hold true. It is in the destination accounts, but the journey. We have all heard this one before, and it is true. If you know the destination too well, planning the path backwards, you may miss essential opportunities along the way. Discover the journey and stay true to yourself.

Adapt and Steer the Ship

Sometimes what you think you want isn’t always right. Accept being wrong and steer the ship accordingly. You don’t know if something is for you until you try it. This includes big life decisions.

Regaining Control of The Ship

My two weeks off always lets me clean up the mess from September to December. I have gained control of the ship – for now – and steering in a new direction after a solid eight years of my graphic design and web development business. My old mentor and good friend helped me figure out how to slowly pivot myself professionally. That starts by building a new portfolio separate from my Reveal Design site.

It’s why I moved to Vancouver. I want to work in industries more related to entertainment, further from corporate energy, and closer to writing. So, with all the exciting writing coming out, I’m also re-pivoting my design business. Perhaps I can marry the two skills.

Beer Note: Main Street Brewing Kingpin Pale Ale

For this month, I will highlight another Main Street Brewing beer. I’m at this brewery quite frequently and previously featured the Pilsner. This month we are showcasing the Kingpin Pale Ale. I had fun with Pilsners and am looking for a beer with hops. Not too hoppy like modern IPAs. The Kingpin Pale Ale is a good mix of keeping the hop flavours while maintaining traditional beer flavour. I’m not an overly big fan of hazy beers. I don’t mind this one because it’s not over the top. Overall the Kingpin Pale Ale reminds me of IPAs from a good decade ago.


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