Konn Lavery guest on Simon Rose's site.

Guest Author Konn Lavery

May 17, 2017 | Press
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Check out author Simon Rose’s blog where he had me as a guest to chat about the second edition of Mental Damnation: Reality.

Guest Author Konn Lavery

We cover the following questions:

  • Konn Lavery, can you introduce yourself to us and your writing?
  • Thanks Konn, last year you discussed your Mental Damnation series. This year you are working on it, what is new?
  • What have you changed in the series?
  • Is the new edition of Mental Damnation Reality quite different then from the original?
  • Now that Reality is released, what will become of Mental Damnation Dream and Fusion?
  • You mentioned a fourth and final book for the Mental Damnation series?
  • When can we expect the fourth and final book?
  • What are these other books?

Check out the interview!


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Konn Lavery guest on Simon Rose's site.