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Based in modern times, the macrocosm will introduce you to the unknown. Rituals. Cults. Gangs. Killers. You name it. This gritty world is only fit for those with the wits and guts to survive the horrors they encounter. Those that don’t, well, you have an imagination.

Rave by Konn Lavery Horror Book


Slasher – LGBTQ+
Cultivate: Seed Me Relapse Edition Edmonton Horror Novel by Konn Lavery


Occult Horror
YEGman Edmonton Thriller by Konn Lavery


Crime Thriller – Vigilante Justice

“Konn Lavery’s Rave does what few books can, it takes the traditional structure of a horror movie and translates it to a book without suffering from sluggish pacing.”
Amanja Reads Too Much Review of Rave

“Konn Lavery has obvious talent, and his Seed Me book belongs on the shelf next to King and Koontz. Great creep factor, awesome pace, refreshing bad guys, and the ability to stay with you after you’re done. Do Consume Seed Me
 scifiandscary.com Review of Cultivate (first edition)

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