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“The world-building is exceptional, and each story transported me inside the world Konn Lavery has created.”
N. N. Light Book Heaven Review of Into the Macrocosm

“This is a truly unique and exciting fantastical take on drugs and the insidious underbelly of the underworld (you read that right), a great combo.”
Author Christie Stratos, Goodreads, Crystal Moth Conspiracy

Ash Born Series

Lola Cabello is a fugitive after exposing the law’s connection to the notorious Crystal Moth gang who destroyed her life and family, igniting her need for revenge and descending her into a world of reptilian drug lords, demons, and the fantastic.

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Mental Damnation Series

Krista's people, the vazeleads, are banished to the underworld by humans where they are torn apart by a military dictatorship, politically-driven gangs, and their infected guardians. Their leaders are hunting her for a darker, more sinister force, looming deep in the underworld. Will she escape?

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Terrors of the Macrocosm

Based in modern times, the macrocosm will introduce you to the unknown. Rituals. Cults. Gangs. Killers. You name it. This gritty world is only fit for those with the wits and guts to survive the horrors they encounter. Those that don’t, well, you have an imagination.

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Short Story Collections

Short story collections from award-winning author Konn Lavery’s Macrocosm. It is a shared superverse with all of his works. These interconnected novels and shorts bring everything under one, strange, unsettling, cosmos.

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Rutherford Manor Series

Enter the depraved world of the Fleshers, and their partners in darkness from the old world, the Savidges, with fresh opportunities in a perilous time in history, the start of the Great Depression.

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