Mental Damnation
continues with Purity, Part III

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Krista’s hope of escaping Dreadweave Pass lessens as the Weaver sends a fallen angel to capture her. Will her allegiance with a corrupt paladin be enough to triumph?


Just under a week has passed since Krista has been diagnosed with the nightmare-enhancing brain disease Mental Damnation; the symptoms are more self-evident than ever to Dr. Alsroc who continues to pursue a cure.

Krista is now burdened with protecting her friend Marilyn’s dark secret and Paladin’s pressing offer. He promises her safekeeping at the price of exposing her people’s history to him – what will he use that knowledge for?

In the underworld, Darkwing’s quest to find Krista grows more complex. His morals are challenged, threatening any hope of seeing her again.

Malpherities, Krista’s ghostly companion, urges her to keep her mind focused on Dreadweave Pass and ignore her issues at the High Barracks of Zingalg. The two are forced to partner with an immoral paladin who has a personal interest in helping Krista escape from hell. Meanwhile the corrupt god, the Weaver, strains his army to find the young girl. They send a fallen angel who is determined to bring her to the Weaver so he can use her blood in his necromantic ritual that will set him free!


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