Witness Justice be delivered
by an X-Cop Vigilante as a rebellious
journalist traces his steps.


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“YEGman by Konn Lavery is a mesmerizing read, a thrilling ride into a very interesting setting with awesome characters.”

“This novel is an unexpectedly gritty trip through the Canadian crime scene that I don’t find too often in literature. Most of what comes to mind may be cozy mysteries, not ultra-violent vigilantes dealing with criminals.”

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Crime is about to get a real taste of justice. Edmonton has a new lawbringer who doesn’t play by the law, and he is ready to clean up his city. His actions attract the attention of a rebellious journalism student who aspires to cover the developing story.

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In the darkest streets of Edmonton, crime is around every corner. The police have exhausted their resources. Citizens are in a constant state of fear. The city is in dire need of justice. Someone needs to give the felons what they deserve – skip the courts and deliver their verdict with a fist full of fury!

At least that is what Michael Bradford tells himself. He struggles with violent tendencies while personally investigating the Crystal Moths, Edmonton’s most notorious gang. His vigilante methods get caught on film and are uploaded to the web with the hashtag YEGman. These videos catch the attention of a rebellious journalism student whose aspires to cover the developing story on the city’s underground hero.

Sounds of Society is the musical soundtrack of the thriller novel YEGman by Konn Lavery. The album fuses elements of industrial, noise, metal and electronic to express a range of emotions and moods through aggressive beats and distorted vocals.

Album available digitally on Bandcamp and available physically on Amazon.