EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sounds of Society YEGman on Brutal Resonance

April 6, 2018 | Press
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Brutal Resonance is hosting the exclusive premiere for Sounds of Society, YEGman novel soundtrack.

Konn Lavery is a multi-media musician and author whose creativity just never dies. The author is hard at work writing and finishing up his latest novel YEGman, but the talented gent has also created a full fledged soundtrack to go along with his novel. “Sounds of Society: YEGman Novel Soundtrack” takes the core concept of the novel and blends it into a melting pot of industrial, noise, metal, and warped electronic bits. The album will take you on a journey through ten tracks with an additional introductory song.

With all that said, we at Brutal Resonance are proud to bring you on part of this multi-media experience with this exclusive stream of “Sounds of Society”. While you eagerly await the release of the book, you can let your ears feast on this audio experience:


Listen to the album on their site!



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