Everyone has a story to tell, whether it is about a faraway land with monsters and elves or exploring their past. The point is, there is a story waiting to be told through each and every one of us. There are many different types of mediums that a story can be expressed in. It might be best told through film or through music, or perhaps it is best told through the written word. As authors, we choose the literary medium as our tool to welcome an audience into our minds and their own. Think you have a story to tell? Do you have an enjoyment for the written word and believe it is the best way to transcribe the story? Then you have the author mindset.

Thinking about Plots

Some of us are born with a fascination of writing, others it doesn’t become an interest until much later in their lives. At some point though, if you want to write, you will have that insane idea to type out your first draft. The task will not be easy and you will go through a lot of struggles. Some of these will be your own internal struggles and others will be spirit-breaking feedback will be received from friends or colleagues. But you are willing to endure the hardships to share your story with the world.

Stories are Everywhere

Being an author, you think about plots, all the time, even in your dreams. Everything you witness in life has a story. Your own life experiences are series of stories in their own. Watching the news or Netflix offers stories or listening to someone’s own tale at a party is a story. These are all things you can draw upon for your own writing. Stopping and listening to what is around you can be beneficial to uncover what stories are hiding to the untrained mind.
We all know fact is always stranger than fiction, so explore the world. Now, real life events might not make the most amount of sense. When listening to a story, think about how the story keeps the audience engaged. A good plot makes them and uncertain of what will happen next. Think about it next time you read a book or hear a story from a friend, why were you so intrigued?

Inner Desire

If you truly want to write, it will happen. You have to make it a reality and every writer has a need that is unlike any other. A type of fixation that can only be fulfilled through their own investment. We feel it calling to us in the back of our minds which is why we are so persistent to hammer out thousands of words to create a compelling story.

The Fuel

Does your need to write come from a dark place? Does your best writing happen when you feel driven by worldly affairs? We all have something that fuels us, something that makes us want to share what is conjuring in our minds. This may even evolve over time but when you feel it, you can’t resist to write.

We’re a Little Crazy

To go through the countless hours that span across months and years to produce one story means you have to be a little crazy, or a sucker for hardships. Every creative type has to be a little irregular if they want to persist their craft. Art is not the quickest way to make cash or the easiest lifestyle but we choose to do it because of our deep interests in the craft.


Be proud of what you do. It is abnormal and so what? Yes you will find cash isn’t as easily obtained and you will deal with harsh criticism from others. This will make you stronger, you will learn to stretch a dollar and to manage your finances. You’ll develop thick skin and learn to decode criticism to really see if it is constructive or if it derives from skewed opinions.

Be the Author

If you want to write, you must act like one. Don’t talk about how you want to write or feel insecure about it. Take ownership and pride of what you do and stay resilient. Life has a way of presenting challenges to knock us down but with the right mindset, you can overcome it.

What Makes You Want to Write?

Why do you write? I’d be interested to know why. Share in the comments!


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