Dark Fantasy | Q&A Konn Lavery | Dream (Mental Damnation Series)

Check out the interview I had with Shaz on jerasjamboree.co.uk website discussing the new release of Dream. We cover the following topics:

  • Please summarise Dream in 20 words or less.
  • What was the idea/inspiration for your novel?
  • What scene did you enjoy writing the most Konn?
  • Did you do any research?  What resources did you use?
  • Do you have a theme for your book covers Konn?  Who designs them?
  • What do you think book trailers achieve?
  • Do you have a favourite book?
  • What are you reading now Konn?
  • What has been the worst part of your writing journey so far?
  • … and the best part?
  • Finally, Dream is part of a series, what’s in the future?

Read the full interview here.


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Konn Lavery

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Konn Lavery is a Canadian author whose work has been recognized by Edmonton’s top five bestseller charts and by reviewers such as Readers’ Favorite, and Literary Titan.

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