I’m still alive.

The past couple of months have been rather quiet with the exception of announcing the 2nd edition of Mental Damnation: Reality. This has been consuming a lot of my time since I want to get it to you, the reader, as soon as possible. The editor and I have been working around the clock to finalize edits – it is very exciting!

Welcome to February’s Unprocessed Thoughts

Despite being only about 3 months into the New Year, this has been a crazy start with planning upcoming conventions and book launches. Yes, that is right, book launches. The goal is to release two books this year which is quite ambitious. If you’ve been following the news about Mental Damnation: Reality, you can probably guess what the next release is going to be.

With these releases, I can promise you’ll be hearing from me a lot this year.

So if you don’t follow me online, be sure to add me either on social media or sign up to the newsletter.

First Convention – NSF Con

The first event I am at this year is the NSF Con in Calgary at the end of March. In preparation for this I have made a new order of Seed Me books with some updated formatting from the original print run.

Beer note: The Grizzly Paw Powder Hound

This is the third Grizzly Paw beer that I have mentioned on the blog. The Powder Hound is a blonde ale which is incredibly light and not one I would go for again. If you enjoy light beers this is for you, it is smooth and has a decent taste. I prefer beer with more hops, which makes my rating very biased. With that in mind let’s give it a 3/5.


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