Halloween is around the corner! What a fun month October is. Costumes, candies, ghosts and ghouls. I enjoy the fact that people are more accepting of exploring the darker aspects of life during this time period. The dark, taboo and grotesque lines up with the stories I write and the media I consume. Some of us live in this month mentally throughout the year (so Goth), others, not so much.
Oh boy; the start of fall the media ramps up with a lot spooky entertainment. More horror movies are released, retail stores are filled with cheap knock off costumes and mass consumption of skeletal decorations are all around!

Welcome to October’s edition of Unprocessed Thoughts.

This series tends to be a lot of rambles, and I’d like to warn you now that that is not going to change in the least. Fun fact: this month’s Unprocessed Thoughts takes place in my common writing place – Bru Coffee & Beer house on Jasper Ave. If you haven’t been there and are in Edmonton – go there. They have a wide selection of beer options and a massive infographic of beer and coffee types for education. Learn something new once a day.
Not to get side tracked, the topic is Halloween. The day that a lot of people also forget is of Celtic origins and has no relations to satanic behavior at all. Halloween is something I didn’t start becoming interested with until I became an adult when I learned that it was a lot more fun than when you were a kid. Maybe a personal preference, but that has been my experience (the parties and costumes are more fun).
The main point I’d like to share is the fact that the majority of people do not humor the idea of dark, taboo topics until October. It is a bit unfortunate.  I think there are a lot of exciting aspects of the horror genre that people can discover all year round. As you can read in the interview with Lacey Paige, we discuss our thoughts on this. To further elaborate on that, I am a guest blogger on SciFiAndScary.com at the end of this month where I chat about the horror genre in entertainment in further detail. Keep watch!
Late September and October I see a drastic spike in graphic design and web work as well. End of the year budget crunch time for a lot of companies and the snow means that I stop spending time outside or traveling and more time indoors. I use this time exploring new directions with writing (NaNoWriMo is around the corner!) and other creative outlets, like music.
Once October is over, the world will start losing its mind for the Christmas extravaganza of shopping. Funny how we see a complete switch from spooky darkness to joyful family warmth isn’t it? Might be something worth researching into… For now let’s embrace Halloween for what it is.
Happy Halloween.

Beer Note: Stone’s Coffee Milk Stout

It fits quite well for the frosty weather Edmonton is having. Soothing, milky and java undertones. It is a thicker beer and smooth all that way down. I’d give this beer a 4/5, because I do personally lean towards an Indian Pale Ale but these beers really hit spot when the time is right.


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