For the past couple of years, I have been hinting about a new book separate from Mental Damnation. This one has been in the works since 2014 NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) where the first draft of the story was written. I will admit… it was terrible. Possibly the worst piece of fiction I had written. In early 2015, I returned to the story and scrapped over half of the plot, re-writing it into a completely new direction. Through title changes, plot adjustments and character/visual overhauls, the Seed Me novel is finally at a place where it can be shared.
The book will be ready for the fall of 2016. I am beyond excited to get this novel out to all you horror fans. In the meantime, here’s the cover and synopsis for the new Edmonton-based horror story:

Seed Me Horror Novel by Konn Lavery


If you’re reading this, then you did not take the above warning seriously. In that case, you’re probably as stupid as me. I’m Logan, by the way. I didn’t pay attention to any warning signs either. Being an unemployed deadbeat in Edmonton with no family and getting dumped by your girlfriend for her best friend can wear a guy down. All I had was my cokehead buddy, Skip, to cheer me up.

Surprisingly, my precautionary tale was not caused by either Skip or the drugs. Let’s just say a drunken make-out session with a pale girl by a dumpster, who was supposedly pronounced dead earlier in the evening, can leave you mentally jumbled up. A good motivator to figure this scenario out is having robed cultists stalk you, asking where the girl is.

Is this an ill twist of fate? Did I bring this on myself? Is there a reason behind my misfortune? Is the moral to not make out with spooky girls behind dumpsters? Hell if I know…

More behind the scenes and sneak peeks to come in the near future. The book will have some additional media to go along with it as well (hint: musical). Keep watch for more updates!


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