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 A Unique and Truly Terrifying Horror Experience

Enter the depraved world of the Fleshers, and their partners in darkness from the old world, the Savidges, with fresh opportunities in a perilous time in history, the start of the Great Depression. Used to opportunity in adversity the family will certainly thrive in this tumultuous era with calculated terror, extreme experimentation, and a twisted madness that fills the dark woods, surrounds the haunted walls, and cries out in terror inside the ominous caverns of Rutherford Manor.
The White Hand: A Rutherford Manor Novel by Konn Lavery

The White Hand

A Rutherford Manor Novel
Fire, Pain & Ruin: A Rutherford Manor Novel by Konn Lavery

Fire, Pain, & Ruin

A Rutherford Manor Novel

“Dark, gritty and thoroughly enthralling. A FINALIST and highly recommended.”
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards for The White Hand

“Author Konn Lavery has crafted a masterful work of paranormal horror and family saga which delivers everything its terrifying cover and premise promises.” Readers’ Favorite Review for Fire, Pain, & Ruin

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