Fugitive Cabello is hellbent on revenge. They Control the media. Detective Iglesias is near. The Old World will Wirse.

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The forgotten will rise.

Lola Cabello is a fugitive after exposing the law’s connection to the notorious Crystal Moth gang who destroyed her life and family, igniting her need for revenge and descending her into a world of reptilian drug lords, demons, and the fantastic.
Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born Book One Konn Lavery

Crystal Moth Conspiracy

Ash Born Book One
World Mother Ascension: An Ash Born Novel Konn Lavery

World Mother Ascension

An Ash Born Novel

“…unique world building, fast pace, and a flawed-yet-captivating protagonist, prepare to be engrossed.”
★★★★★ Author Taija Morgan, BookBub, Crystal Moth Conspiracy

“… This author handles the English language in a way that casts a spell of intrigue and horror from page one. … If you’re looking for a standout reading experience, don’t miss the genre-bending showpiece.”
★★★★★ Reader Views, Crystal Moth Conspiracy

The hunt for truth. She is driven by revenge. Blind to the dangers.
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