One drunken make-out session
behind a dumpster is a lot more trouble
than it is worth…

 Seed Me

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Seed Me

If you enjoyed John Dies at the End by David Wong then you will enjoy the main characters Logan and Skip.”

“Konn Lavery has obvious talent, and his Seed Me book belongs on the shelf next to King and Koontz. Great creep factor, awesome pace, refreshing bad guys, and the ability to stay with you after you’re done. Do Consume Seed Me

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Observe through the eyes of Logan, who is obsessed in trying to uncover who is behind the famous 4-20 Drain Murder after his ex-girlfriend was murdered. He and his friends struggle to find answers while dealing with drug addiction, the living dead and being stalked by cultists.

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If you’re reading this, then you did not take the above warning seriously. In that case, you’re probably as stupid as me. I’m Logan, by the way. I didn’t pay attention to any warning signs either. Being an unemployed deadbeat in Edmonton with no family and getting dumped by your girlfriend for her best friend can wear a guy down. All I had was my cokehead buddy, Skip, to cheer me up.

Surprisingly, my precautionary tale was not caused by either Skip or the drugs. Let’s just say a drunken make-out session with a pale girl by a dumpster, who was supposedly pronounced dead earlier in the evening, can leave you mentally jumbled up. A good motivator to figure this scenario out is having robed cultists stalk you, asking where the girl is.

Is this an ill twist of fate? Did I bring this on myself? Is there a reason behind my misfortune? Is the moral to not make out with spooky girls behind dumpsters? Hell if I know…

Seed Me has an album compiled of various Edmonton-based alternative electronic musicians who created tracks based on the chapters found within the book. It is a mashup of styles, such as Witch House, Dark Ambient and Down tempo, to name a few.
Album available digitally on Bandcamp and available physically on Amazon.