For our first guest of 2020, we welcome Liz Butcher from Australia. She writes primarily in the occult, horror, and dark fantasy genres. She’s a self-confessed nerd with a BA in psychology and lives with her husband, daughter, and their two cats. She has published short stories in anthologies and released her own collection, After Dark, in 2018. In September of 2019, she released her debut novel, Fates’ Fury. Let’s welcome Liz Butcher to the blog and learn about her writing!

Welcome Liz Butcher! Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Thanks for having me! Writing is my happy place, as I’m sure it is for many authors. I get up before 4am everyday, just to make sure I get my writing time. If I don’t, look out! I might get a little crabbie!

Let’s discuss your debut novel, Fates’ Fury, what is it about?

It’s about three friends, Jonah, Tristan and Ava, who find themselves in the midst of an apocalyptic scenario, where the Fates have decided they want to rid the world of mankind. An ancient alliance of gods returns to the mortal realm to help man fight for their survival. All while they’re discovering the truth about themselves and what they’re really capable of.

Fate's Fury by Liz Butcher, Australian Horror Author
Fate’s Fury by Liz Butcher

What sparked the idea for Fates’ Fury?

I think the idea was initially sparked when I thought about the way the world was, and I wondered if the ancient gods could see us now, what would they think? Would they see how we’ve evolved and be impressed or dismayed?

You’ve written a lot of short stories, has that been your main interest?

Yes and no. I did spend a lot of time while writing Fates’ Fury also writing short stories. I found writing prompts and exercises a good way to improve my writing and I was fortunate to have numerous short stories published while I was working on Fates. A lot of these went on to make up my collection, After Dark.

Share some of your writing process, are you a plotter or panster? Or perhaps a mix of both?

When I first started out, I was a panster, which I still am to a degree with my short stories. But when it comes to novels, I am a pedantic plotter! Every aspect of every scene charted out. Obviously the story still grows and evolves as I write it, and the plot may change, but I like to have 90% of it plotted before I start.

Do you have anything else – short stories or new novels – in the works right now?

I have two more novels I’m looking to release this year. The first, LeRoux Manor, is a YA horror, and the second, Never, Never is a paranormal/crime novel.

Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

Reach out and connect with other writers. Back yourself and practise writing every day. Write down all your ideas, no matter what they are and file them away for inspiration. Write, write, write!

Let’s thank Liz Butcher for joining us again to the blog!

You can find her new novel on her website, amazon, and the various links below:

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