The first month of 2018 is coming to a close, I have come back from holidays and in full swing once again. This means I got to get on top of writing more helpful blog posts. As it is, they’re mostly announcements of what I have on the go with YEGman and the new Sounds of Society soundtrack. Exciting stuff.
Needless to say, I am busy as usual.
An earlier post from this year was about the reflection time I took during my three weeks off and understanding what I value in life. Something I’ve noticed getting back into the swing of things is how easily those values can be left in the dust. I’m on the edge of getting caught in the rat race once again. So this is something I have to be cautious of so I don’t repeat the same chaos of last year. Especially since I am stepping into the unknown.

Welcome to another edition of Unprocessed Thoughts.

Something I am working on this year is my work / life balance compared to previous years. This doesn’t mean that I am cutting back the amount of writing that I am doing, it means I have to be more cautious of my time is spent. It is an entirely different way of thinking. Previously it was all about knowing what to do, putting my head down and work away. Now I need to think how I can work more effectively. This means how I use my time more wisely so I don’t go through another project burnout.

Less Serious Stuff

Heavy thinking aside, there are a lot of exciting things coming up this year. To summarize:

  • YEGman launches April 18th
  • Sounds of Society launches April 18th
  • Mental Damnation III later this year

There you go, this year is wrapped. You now know the releases that are to come this year. I’m practicing what is known as creating a backlog, we’ll see how well this goes into practice. A backlog is having some releases set aside for the next year and if possible, the following year. This way I don’t fall into the trap of trying to get the next release ready for the new season or big expo that is coming up. That was 2017. That is not what I want to do this time. Chasing can become very exhausting.

Exciting Stuff – Stepping Into the Unknown

Fun fact, this is the first time in my writing profession that I don’t have any finished or half finished manuscripts or left over chapters for sequels. I do have some story outlines in progress for future books, but at the moment, it is all new writing from here on out. I am no longer revising previous work. As of 2018, I am officially stepping into the unknown and I am very excited to see what new things will come of it.

Beer Note: Parallel 49 Wobblypop Pale Ale

This month I tried the Parallel 49 Wobblypop Pale Ale. It was priced at $7.50 CAD per can at the café I was at. Wow. Way more than what the taste is worth. It was good, more hoppy than I expected for a pale ale. It could have been an IPA for the amount of hops.
Even with my hoppy taste in mind, it wasn’t a pale ale and quite pricey. I’d give it a 2.5/5 .


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