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My name is Konn Lavery, I am an author and a graphic designer/web developer.

I have a fascination with transmedia storytelling, which introduces various medias into a story.

Mortal: Part IV of Mental Damnation by Konn Lavery


The Concluding Novel of the Mental Damnation Series Is Here.

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His story is intricately laid out on a backdrop of history wrapped in legend and tied off with a myth.

“When I finally got into the actual book, I found myself unable to put it down, even reading it on my break at work.”

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Fire, Pain, & Ruin A Rutherford Manor Novel

The Savidges’ bloodline deepens.
Fire, Pain, & Ruin

A Rutherford Manor Novel

Finalist in the International Book Awards Cross-Genre Category

The second installment of the Rutherford Manor series is now available! Join the Savidges and Fleshers as their bloodlines further intertwine with violence, black magic, lust, and the supernatural.

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Harvesters by Konn Lavery

Monthly Short Stories

Read monthly short stories that take no longer than a coffee break to read. Enjoy twisted worlds, creatures, and concepts that will keep you wondering.

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Graphic Design & Web

Reveal Design Konn Lavery Edmonton Graphic DesignerMy trade is graphic design and web development. I offer a range of skills that can be seen at portfolio – Reveal Design. If you have specific requirements, feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas that you would like to share with me.

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Introducing: The Wiki

The Wiki contains characters, locations, items, and more, found within the various novels. They are living entries and are continually updated as more stories are written.


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Reality: Mental Damnation Part 1
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