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Konn Lavery

Origins: Reality is the first book I have published with the original story dating back to 2006. The first edition came out in 2012 and the revised second edition had a major revamp in 2017. The fourth and final novel in the series came out July 2020. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey!
Transmedia Storytelling: One feature I enjoy about writing is the ability to explore transmedia storytelling, which is expanding on a story in multiple mediums. In the Mental Damnation series you will find glyphs which can be decoded from the book Mortal, illustrations, maps, and an encyclopedia. Even though they are not key elements to the story, they offer additional universe media for readers to enjoy.

Having her family murdered by the humans during her people’s banishment from the surface world, Krista and her only friend, Darkwing, struggle to remain alive. The pair of reptilian street scum live in their newfound home, the City of Renasence, dictated by a fascist military known as the Renasence Guard. The two find themselves at odds when Krista puts her faith in the Five Guardians’ goal of unification, while Darkwing chooses to stand with a notorious gang, the Blood Hounds, who are known for their anarchist views.
This divide in their friendship forces Krista to persist on her own as the Five Guardians become crazed from an unknown disease – Mental Damnation. After their infection, the Guardians develop a bizarre interest in her, claiming they must reap her innocence for their newfound master, the Weaver.
With a military dictatorship, politically-driven gangs and their guardians infected and on a hunt for her, Krista has limited options for survival: Does she fend for her life in the City of Renasence, against menacing forces, or risk leaving everything behind and enter the uncharted realm of the underworld.

Mental Damnation: Reality

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