Konnartist World Mother: Seed Me Novel Score Album Art

World Mother: Seed Me Novel Score Release

June 6, 2016 | General
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The second half to the Seed Me Novel release is a project that I have kept under wraps for quite some time now. Drum roll please…

The project is an original score written by several Edmonton-based musicians as well as myself. There have been some people that have seen the progress of this project through my instagram account, which tends to be more music-related with my own jams and concerts I attend.

Music has been a growing interest of mine for a number of years and I wanted to find a way to weave it into my writing. I’ve been a major fan of transmedia storytelling and interpreting a full novel into a musical composition was an uncommon concept. I’ve seen a couple of other authors pursue this avenue in the past and it seemed like the right fit for the Seed Me story.

World Mother: Seed Me Novel Score Track Listing

Below are the track listings for the World Mother album. It is a mashup of various musical styles, such as Witch House, Dark Ambient and Down tempo, to name a few.

Album Preview:

The album will be released on July 2nd on Amazon (physical copies) and Bandcamp (digital).

Samples and single coming soon.

Konnartist World Mother: Seed Me Novel Score Album Art


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